Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sweet 2014

Some best songs are sang in the bathroom,
Where nobody is watching,
I know I can't even sing in the bathroom,
But I can sit here and write sweet words for you;

If I had to count the stars tonight,
I will count all and you will be the last to count,
Will never give up until I count you,
As you are the most beautiful of them all;

You are that Heaven on Earth,
That wisdom I was waiting for,
That song I needed to write,
My sweet 2014;

I thank God am yet to meet you,
Like a blind man I will scream your name,
For the whole world to know,

I just like to say, you’re my sweet 2014.

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Am so lost,
Am lost in the tears of your pretty eyes,
Lost in the blush on your cheeks,
Lost in the sunken spheres of your dimples,
Lost in the sound of your voice,
Lost in the smoothness of your tone,
Lost in the words of your stories,
Lost in the sweetness of your lips in my dreams,
Lost in your beautiful body, smooth as a jazz tune,
Lost in that pretty roundish thing behind your back,
Lost like wind passing your curvy body,
Lost like your foot print on a wet floor,
Lost in the woods of your forest,
Lost in the corals of your oceans,
Lost in the stars up above your skies,
Lost in your beauty and I can't help it,
Too lost to remember the ABCs of what should be said to impress you,
Too lost to surrender my deep feelings,
Hanging on them hoping you'll read and smile!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Not holding it longer

 Thousand miles far away,
In the cold lands in the very deep ends,
And yet the effect of your winds can reach,
And I can no longer pretend;

In this rainy season,
Your lightning doesn't scare me,
Just like a song your thunder rumbles,
And I can no longer hold it inside;

Laying down in my bed,
Feeling these cold bed sheets,
In deep thoughts of you,
Hoping to hold you close;

Not saying much of what I feel,
But just have an idea of what I miss,
Far away and yet you take me down on my knees,
Bagging I could hold you for the first time;

In my arms you will fit,
In my chest you will lay smooth,
Our hearts will sing that song with their drum bits,
Dreaming you could be here.

All these words would be said allowed,
Not only God be my witness,
But my family would have witnessed,
Hold me tight someday when you meet me as I'll fall.

Troubled Heart

Thousands meters high,
Eyes watching clouds below the plain,
Thoughts clouding my mind,
Why did you leave me?

Was it an eye for an eye,
Was it getting back on me,
Was it making me feel the same pain,
I never did it on purpose;

Never intended to let you feel the pain I feel,
So painful,
So heartbroken,
So sad to the bones,
It hurts and I can't stop my heart tears;

Wish to take my heart off my chest,
Wish to soak it in the ocean,
Wish to let it drawn,
Just let it be purified;

Was just being a man,
Was just being a real human,
With full of mistakes,
Just a man who is in love and taste to see if it's real;

Never a day that goes by I don't think about you,
Never an hour that goes by I don't wish your mine,
Never a minute that goes by that I wish you were here,
Never a second that passes and I let you go;

I apologies for the pain I caused,
I know thousand kisses might never heal you,
I know thousand apologies can't make it right,
But still I want to apologies for my mistakes;

Oooh, God help me move on,
I don't want to break someone’s heart,
Oooh, help me heal my heart,
I don't want to be a ripper;

Can't wait to cross this line,
Can't wait to cross your name in my heart,
Can't wait to start over again,

But the only way is for you to be my friend again.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Love making in deep cold

Would be a story to be told,
A novel to be sold,
A movie that will bring trophies of Gold,
Red carpets parade on each other’s side on that love road
Aries on the love making in deep cold;

Tickets to the premier oversold,
Cheapest that can only buy a coin of gold,
One in the history of Hollywood never seen by the old,
Young ones will remember for their grand children to be told,
Aries on the love making in deep cold;

Never to be controlled,
But rather new love history that will unfold,
More than Romeo and Juliet that is old,
Ours so new and over sold,
Aries on the love making in deep cold.